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Korea uses European-style plugs.

Phone Service

Country code: 82

Calling U.S. from Korea: 011-1-number

Korea has both CDMA and GSM.


International usage information.

Verizon website verifies that South Korea is a CDMA country for which the international roaming rate is $1.99/minute. Texts are $0.50 to send, $0.05 to receive.

Unlimited data plans cost $64.99/month. (They call it Global Email, but it works for all data.) They'll pro-rate half a month for you. To update roaming capabilities on your phone, dial *228 option 2.

For international support, call:

  • 800-711-8300 (in U.S.)
  • 908-559-4899 (abroad)

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Korea is a highly connected company, but its native services are the most popular. For example, Google is barely used; most people use Naver. (See Korean equivalents for popular U.S. services.)

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