Old Talbott Tavern

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http://www.talbotts.com/ {nid 1XO}


 107 W. Stephen Foster Ave.
 Bardstown, KY 40004
 1-800-4TAVERN {nid 1XP}


Built in 1779. Oldest western stagecoach stop in America. Among the folks who passed through: {nid 1XQ}

  • AbrahamLincoln stayed there when he was 13 years old while his parents were involved with a land dispute. {nid 1XR}
  • AndrewJackson {nid 1XS}
  • HenryClay {nid 1XT}
  • WilliamHenryHarrison {nid 1XU}
  • General George Rodgers Clark {nid 1XV}
  • King Louis Philippe visited during his exile from France. Murals on one of the lodging room walls are believed to have been painted by one of his entourage. {nid 1XW}
  • In this same room, there are a dozen bullet holes. Legend is that these were left by JesseJames, who got drunk, went upstairs to sleep it off, "saw" birds moving through the murals, and shot them. {nid 1XX}
  • EugeneEricKim had the southern fried chicken there and a shot of bourbon on July 20, 2004. {nid 1XY}