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* [[Mariscos La Costa]] for Mexican seafood.
* [[Mariscos La Costa]] for Mexican seafood.
= Florists =
[https://arjanflowers.com/ Arjan Flowers and Herbs] in Piedmont.

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Jack London Square

  • Dyafa. Recommended by Tiffany Quach.

Lake Merritt

Tru Gourmet dim sum at the Grand Lake Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings. Tasty and high-quality with seasonal ingredients. Expensive, though.

North Oakland


  • JJ Burger (Lake Merritt)
  • Sidebar (Lake Merritt)
  • Clove and Hoof (Temecal)
  • Belcampo (Jack London Square)
  • Chop Bar (Jack London Square)
  • Delegates (Downtown) — open weekdays, closes at 3pm
  • The Cook and her Farmer (Downtown, Swan's Market)
  • The Golden Squirrel (Rockridge)

Korean Restaurants


To Try


Arjan Flowers and Herbs in Piedmont.